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We are distributors of Suterra, an American company based in Oregon (U.S.A.), one of the world's leading companies in the production of means for biorazionale insect control in agriculture.
The sexual confusion enjoy communication, through chemical nature of messages, which takes place between the same species insects.The sex pheromones, substances secreted by females, allowing the recognition of the two sexes, are responsible for the mating insects, especially moths.The release into the environment of certain quantities of synthetic pheromones in male determines the inability to locate the females, for sensory stress or masking of the natural pheromone or for simple competition, and then to mate with a consequent drastic reduction of the population of pests to 'interior of the treated fields.Mating disruption is now an established practice in crop protection thanks to a proven effectiveness and the need to cope with the drastic reduction of active substances accompanied by a growing call for the reduction of waste by consumers and large retail chains that require the producer the adoption of ever more stringent protocols. Technically the method of mating disruption meets the need, essential to adopt defense programs based on effective anti-resistance strategy.
Suterra has the widest range of products for the control of lepidopteran pests of fruit crops. In fact, besides the traditional formulated in speakers (dispenser) are available liquid formulations (Flow), better defined as a suspension of microcapsules, characterized by an extreme simplicity and flexibility of use. Latest addition to the speaker system via aerosol called "Puffer", used in Italy in 2013 (after four years of testing in our area), the system used on approximately 100,000 hectares in the world with 15 years experience. In the coming years will be recorded in Italy new products for controlling other lepidopteran pests with the latter type of spread of pheromone.
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