CheckMate Puffer
Puffer is a technology developed exclusively by Suterra constituted by an electro-mechanical programmable device (diffuser) used for the application of pheromone for mating disruption in the aerosol formulation contained in a canister.

Formulation puffer advantages

  • Efficienty equal or greater then older systems used so far on the same pests
  • The release of the pheromone is optimized during the hours in which the insect is most active for coupling
  • Better uniformity of distribution of the pheromone in the orchard
  • Dose delivered consistently over time and completely independent of the weather conditions (temperature and rainfall) persistence guarantee: full control throughout the season with the same amount delivered (at least 160 days in duration with a single application) number of points of emission reduced: maximum speed in the application with the lowest labor costs compared to currently available devices (about -70-80%)
  • Allowed in Organic Farming
  • Absence of residues - no maximum limit set
  • No shortage of time
  • Absence of regulators sold on the plants at the end of the season

CheckMate Puffer CM-O

Pheromone for mating disruption of codling moth (Cydia pomonella) on pome fruit and walnut.
Active substance/canister content:
(E,E)-8,10-Dodecadien-1-olo: 55,41 mg
Dose of use:

2 puffer / ha Pome

3 Puffer / ha Nut

Registration of the Ministry of Health n. 15791 of 11.4.2013.

Scheda Tecnica: MSDS Puffer CM-O Italia.pdf



Ornamental olive trees



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